All campaign categories

The All campaign categories grid allows you to manage reward campaign category to facilitate their identification.

Grid provides information about all categories that can be assigned to particular reward (during it’s creation/edition) with information about status.

Depending on the Translations settings, Basic information can be provided in different language versions (listed in Translations). Information from that section can be displayed on a Client cockpit depending on a chosen from the admin cockpit default language version.


For example

when default language is English, information are displayed in English, but when we change it to polish as a default language, all basic information will be displayed in polish (if provided).

All Campaign categories

Use the standard controls to sort the list in Sort order column, filter and search categories by typing in the field under Name column header value you want to find, and apply actions to selected rewards record (modify).

Pagination controls appear if there are more campaign categories records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

Field description

Field Description
Name of the campaign category
Sort order
Column is used to sort campaign category.
Number determine order in which category will be listed after sorting
in ascending (from high to low) and descending (from low to high) order.
Category status. Options include: Active/Inactive
Regardless of the status, each category can be assigned to the reward campaign
The operations that can be applied to selected category.
Options include:
  • edit category details