Import points transfers

If you have a customer list that you want to add points within your Loyalty Program, you can enter it into a Points transfer XML file and then import it in your Open Loyalty Admin.

Import Points Transfers

Importing a XML file will create a points transfer for each customer, identified by:

  • ID
  • email address
  • loyalty card number
  • phone number


At least one, of the listed above value, must be provided to identify the customer and create points transfer for him.


For example,

in XML file you can provide only customer loyalty card number – if this number is unique and allow to identify him.

If not, provide e-mail or phone number for better authentication.

If all informations are provided, platform uses them to assign your loyalty program participant with points transfer based on hard-coded priorities assigned to this value. Priorities can’t be changed.

Priorities are as follows:

  1. Customer ID
  2. Customer e-mail address
  3. Customer Loyalty card number
  4. Customer phone number

If any of this four listed value will not give a result an error message occurred.

Mechanism of matching the customer with points transfer basing on priorities is the same like in Identification factors description (number 1 has the highest priority).


For example,

if XML file includes customer ID and email address, customer ID is used for matching before the email address.

If there will be no clear result, email is checked, and so on.

To import a points from a file:

  1. Tap Points transfers on the Admin sidebar and choose All points transfers
  2. Click Import at the top of the page, next to Add Transfer
Points Import Button
  1. In the Import points transfers dialog, click Upload and then choose your customer XML file.
Import Points Transfers
  1. When file is selected, click IMPORT

The points transfers details of customers whose you’ve added to the XML file will appear in the All points transfers list in your Open Loyalty admin.