All transactions

The All transactions lists gives you information about type and value of all payment activity referred to customer.

Moreover, list contains detail information about store and date when transaction was made, transaction internal number and allows to preview transaction and purchased items detail.

Transactions List

Use the standard controls to sort the list by Purchase date, filter and search transfers by typing in the field under column header value you want to find, and apply action (preview) to selected transaction records.

Pagination controls appear if there are more transaction records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

Field description

Field Description
Document number
Unique transaction ID from your store internal system (e.g. e-commerce)
Loyalty card number
Number of customer loyalty card related to the transaction (If transaction is linked with customer account)
Email address of customer related to the transaction
Phone number of customer related to the transaction
Document type
Transaction type:
  • sell - customer buy products
  • return - customer return bought products
Purchase date
Valid date of transaction
Offline or online store where transaction was made
The amount of the transaction
The operations that can be applied to selected transaction record.
Options include:
  • add/edit transaction labels
  • view transaction details