Redeemed rewards

Redeemed reward is an instance of reward that Customer has bought with Points or earned for performing specified action.

There is possibility to get:

  • virtual reward - as a Discount or Value Code, free delivery
  • physical reward - which will be send to Customer, e.g. printed coupon, gift, etc.
  • cashback


When “buying” reward campaign using customer points, points that are expiring soon are used first

Not enough points from Customer perspective

In the Client Cockpit, if Customer does not have enough points to redeem reward then Redeem reward button will be disabled (greyed out).

When mouse hover over disabled button then tooltip will show “You must have <<reward cost - customer active points>> more points to get reward”

Redeemed reward from Admin perspective

Redeemed reward management could be performed only from Administrator Cockpit by user who has Admin privileges.

Redeemed rewards list grid provide an information about which customer and when redeemed and used given reward.

Moreover, you can check whether reward is Delivered (customer choose reward and spent points but he has not used it yet) or mark as Used (customer used coupon code during purchase, gift was sent to customer etc.)


You can mark selected reward/coupon record as Used or unmark if is not used only if it’s status is Active

When coupon status changed to Expired none of the above operations is possible.

By default all Used rewards receive the Delivery status Ordered. In the case of a Used Gift reward, additionally you can manage the status of its delivery to the customer. More in Gift fulfillment tracking process section.

You can also see customer address on which reward will be sent by clicking View view icon in the Action column. This option is available for every reward types.

Redeemed Rewards

Use the standard controls to filter the list by Redeem date and time and Usage date and time. You can also get a list of reward that are Delivered or Used by filter Unused/used column. By default Redeemed rewards grid show both – delivered and used rewards.

Moreover, you can sort and filter the list by redeemed rewards Delivery status.

Pagination controls appear if there are more redeemed rewards records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

To see all Redeemed rewards:

Tap Reward campaigns on the Admin sidebar and choose Redeemed rewards

Field description

Field Description
Redeem date and time
Date when reward was redeemed
Usage date and time
Date when reward was used
Cost in points
Number of points that customer spent for this reward
(define during reward creation in Cost in points field)
Tax value
monetary value of tax for reward
Customer e-mail
Email address of customer who redeemed reward.
E-mail address is used as an identification factor to verify
which customer choose particular reward.
The customer’s phone number.
Can be used also as an identification factor.
Name of the reward with coupon code number in round brackets
Reward type.
Options include:
  • Percentage discount code
  • Cashback
  • Discount code
  • Free delivery
  • Gift
  • Invitation for the event
  • Value code
  • Custom campaign
To learn more about the rule types, please see Reward campaigns Types
Customer’s first name
First name of customer who redeemed reward
Customer’s surname
Last name of customer who redeemed reward
Customer active points amount
Amount of customer active points after he redeemed reward.
From customer Active points pool, redeemed reward Cost in points value is deducted
Delivery status
Redeemed reward shipping process statuses
For every Used reward type except Gift only status is Ordered
For Gift reward following statuses are possible:
  • Ordered
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Canceled
To learn more about the statuses, please see Gift fulfillment tracking process section
Cashback status
Redeemed cashback rewards statuses
Rewards of types other than Cashback have a dash in this field.
For Cashback reward with PayTM provider, the following statuses are possible:
  • 0: INIT: INIT
  • 2: (failure code): (failure message)
  • 3: (code): (reason for pending)
Unused / Used
Redeemed reward statuses.
Options include:
  • Delivered: empty checkbox
  • Used: marked checkbox
To learn how to select reward as a used, see Redeemed rewards in profile detail section
The operations that can be applied to selected redeemed reward record.
Options include:
  • view customer address details used to reward delivery