All Reward campaigns

The All reward campaigns grid provides information about all rewards within your Loyalty Program with information about type, status, cost in points, limits of use, if and how many times reward has been used by customers and time boundaries of activity.

Moreover, you can also see how many customers could use reward and preview theirs details.

Reward Campaign Menu

Use the standard controls to sort the list, filter and search rewards by typing in the field under Name column header value you want to find, and apply actions to selected rewards record (modify, preview details).

Pagination controls appear if there are more rewards records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

Field description

Field Description
Name of the reward displayed in views
Reward campaign current status. Option include: Active/Inactive
Customer can redeem only Active reward
It has higher priority than Activity time
Campaign type
Reward type.
Options include:
  • Percentage discount code
  • Cashback
  • Discount code
  • Free delivery
  • Gift
  • Invitation for the event
  • Value code
  • Custom campaign
To learn more about the rule types, please see Reward campaigns Types
Cost in points
How many points Customer must spend to redeem reward
Information about limit the redeem of rewards globally
Limit per customer
Information about limit the redeem of rewards by one customer
Used by customers
Information how many times reward has been redeemed
Coupons count
Information about number of coupons available to redeem
Active from
Day from which reward is active, i.e. visible and available to use for customers
Active to
Day until reward can be redeem.
After that day reward will not be visible for customer and unavailable to use
Fulfillment tracking process
Information whether reward fulfillment tracking process is enable
Options include: Yes/No
To learn more about the reward fulfillment tracking, please see Gift fulfillment tracking process section
When Show customers is clicked, list of customers who redeemed it will be shown
Created at
Shows date and time of creation of the reward campaign.
The operations that can be applied to selected reward.
Options include:
  • edit reward details
  • view reward details
  • buy reward campaign for client