Fulfillment tracking process


this feature is related ONLY with Gift campaign type

When customer redeemed Gift reward from the Client Cockpit, it will be displayed as Delivered on Redeemed rewards list in Redeemed rewards section. Displaying as Delivered means unmark checkbox in Unused/used column.

From the Admin, you can mark reward as Used to start the shipping process. To mark reward as Used mark checkbox to selected gift-type reward record in Unused / used column. After that reward Delivery status will be assigned as Ordered.

Gift statuses

When you mark reward as used, you will receive Reward Redeemed email/SMS notification including information about used gift-type reward, customer and his address on which reward should be sent. The delivery address is the same address as the one assigned during registration, displayed in Profile details

Reward redeemed email

Depending on the shipping process, you can freely change your Delivery status to one of the following:

  • Ordered
    when reward is mark as used and you can start the shipping process
  • Shipped
    when the reward was sent to the customer’s address
  • Delivered
    when the reward was received by the customer
  • Canceled
    when reward shipping process was canceled e.g. when the customer has given up the reward. You can change status to canceled at any time, regardless of previous one.