During purchase customer can exchange earned points and get value discount to reduce order amount. Discount is calculated based on Point value. Each point will be exchanged for provided value in Point value field (regarding current currency)

For example

  • local currency is EUR
  • point value is equal 2 (i.e. 1 point = 2 EUR)
  • customer has 50 points

Customer total amount of transaction is 100 EUR. Based on point value, if he exchanges all his points (50), he can get order for free.

If he exchanges part of his points e.g. 20, he will receive 40 EUR discount, and will have to pay 60 EUR for his order (instead of 100 EUR)


If more than one Cashback campaign is available and active only ONE of them will be used - the one with the best conversion rate at given time (better Point value)

To create Cashback reward:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Reward campaigns. Then choose Add reward campaign. You can also add new reward directly from All reward campaigns list by clicking Add reward campaign at the top of the page
Add Reward Options
  1. In Campaign type section select a Cashback reward type from a dropdown list (by default Discount code is displayed)
Cashback type


Depending on the selected Campaign type, Basic information section and the next one, Campaign details, will display different fields to be filled in.

Different fields are required for Cashback, Custom reward and Percentage discount code than for other types, that is discount code, free delivery etc.

Cashback Basic Information
  1. When you choose Cashback, in the Basic information section related to the default language version do the following
  • Enter unique reward Name
  • If needed, provide a Short description of the reward campaign detail using rich media format
  • If needed, in Brand name field provide the name of the brand, that will be display in Client cockpit
  • If needed, provide a Brand description of the reward campaign using rich media format
  • If applicable, fulfill the same fields in other language version e.g. polish as on a screen above
Cashback Campaign Details
  1. In the Campaign details section do the following
  • To make reward available for customer, in Active field select “Active” from the dropdown list
  • If needed, enter URL to the content page in More information link field, that explains your reward campaign or to external web with reward details
  • If applicable, in Push notification text provide a text message that will be displayed as a push notification for Customer, when reward become available for them
  • In Point value field, enter the monetary value of the points to define the number of points that can be applied as a refund towards the amount of order
  • If applicable, In Reward value field provide a monetary value of reward
  • If needed, enter Tax rate that applies to the reward and monetary value of tax for reward in Tax value
  • If applicable, mark Featured checkbox to differentiate campaign from the others. Feature is used when you want to filter campaigns using API
  • If applicable, mark Public checkbox to differentiate campaign from the others. Feature is used when you want to filter campaigns using API


If Push notification text is not provided, notification about new reward availability will not be sent.

It does not change the fact that the reward will be available for customer and will be displayed in Available rewards section in Admin and Client cockpit.

  1. In the same Campaign details section, if applicable, create Label(s) you want refer to reward. Labels are intended to be used to specify identifying attributes of reward campaign.

    Labels can be used only when you use API to organize subsets of rewards and make filtering/searching rewards campaign easier. Through API you will be able to get list of all rewards with specified key or key and value.

  • To create a Label, tap Add Label and do the following:
  • Type label Key, which is a label name

  • Type label Value

    For example: Key – Event, Value – Birthday.

  • Repeat the process for all labels you want to used in your Loyalty Program
Reward Campaign Labels


Filtering/Searching via API allows you to get list of all rewards related to events or (more specified) related to birthday event.


Labels can be added to reward campaign during reward creation and subsequently added and modified at any time

  1. In the same Campaign details section, in Categories field, select campaign category or categories to be assigned to this reward campaign. You can assign more than one campaign category.
Campaign category
  1. Brand info section allows to upload an image of the reward brand, that will be displayed in Client cockpit
Brand info
  1. A reward can be extended to members of a specific customer group. In the Target section identify the customer group that qualifies to receive the reward
  • In Target type field, select from dropdown list Level or Segment to specify whether the reward will be available for customers assigned to particular level or segment
  • Depending on selected Target type, field Segments to specify segments or Levels to specify levels appear. You can choose one or more levels/segments to used
  1. Activity section defines time boundaries when reward can be used by customers. To make the reward available for a limited period of time, complete the From and To dates in Activity section:
  • In Active from field set the first date the reward is available. You can either enter the date or select it from the calendar
  • In Active to field set the last date the reward is available. You can either enter the date or select it from the calendar
  • If you want the reward to be active all the time,please mark All time active checkbox. When you choose that option Active from and Active to fields will not be available.


Active to and Active from fields are available only when reward activity (availability) is limited


Status of the Reward campaign (Active/Inactive) has higher priority than time boundaries from Active section.

Even if time boundaries from Activity section are valid, changing Status to Inactive means that reward will not be available to customers.

  1. When it is done, tap SAVE


Cashback is visible for a customer in Available rewards section in Client Cockpit but without possibility to redeem it