All merchants

The All merchants grid provides information about all merchants and its assigned to a POS, which transactions made by customers will be registered and count within Loyalty Program.

Moreover, list contains POS address details and additional information about each one and allows modify merchant data.


Use the standard controls to sort the list, filter and search merchant by typing in the field under column header value you want to find, and apply actions to selected merchants (modify or remove).

Pagination controls appear if there are more merchants records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

Field description

Field Description
First Name
The first name of the merchant
Last Name
The last name of the merchant
The merchant phone number. Can be used as a search/filter option.
Formatting is as on follow example:
  • Country code: +48/48
  • Subscriber number: 123456789
  • In total: +48123456789 / 123456789 / 48123456789
The merchant email address.
Can be used as a login to POS Cockpit or search/filter option
Unique POS ID.
Can be used in XML file to import transaction and customer
POS name
Name of the store
POS city
City where store is located
Merchant account current status. Option include: Active/Inactive
Only Active merchants account are using for login to POS Cockpit
The operations that can be applied to selected merchant account.
Options include:
  • Edit merchant data
  • Remove merchant account