Special Rewards

Special reward should be set if you want to give special discount for customer but only limited in time.

Add Special Reward

To assigned special rewards to level:

  1. Open Add/Edit Level Form as described in previous section

  2. Go to Special reward details section and click Add special reward

    Then do the following:

  • To activate the level special reward, in Active field select “Active” from the dropdown list
  • Enter a Reward name as a brief description that explain purpose of the reward creation. For example, Woman’s day
  • Enter discount Value for special reward. For example, value 20 means 20% discount
  • Enter a Reward code to be used by customers assigned to this level authorizing to special reward Value
  • In Start at and End at fields specify time boundaries when special reward will be visible and active
Special Reward Details
  1. Repeat the steps for all special rewards you want to assigned to this level
  2. When it is done, tap SAVE
  3. You can simply remove special reward by clicking bin icon remove in a particular box