All levels

The Levels page lists all customers levels available to reach within Loyalty Program. The same list is also visible from the Dashboard.

You can easily view and modify all levels credentials such as condition value, assigned rewards and special rewards. Tab allows also to preview number of customers assigned to particular levels and see theirs detail or download in .CSV file.

Customers Levels

Use the standard controls to sort the list and apply actions (modify and download targeted customer) to selected levels.

Field description

Field Description
Name of the Customer level, visible when information about level will be displayed
Level brief description
Condition value
Minimum sum of earned points or sum of all transactions value needed to be assigned to this level
Reward name
Description of level reward (e.g. 5% discount)
Reward code
Discount code to be used on
Reward value
Discount value for this level (e.g. 5)
Min order value
Currently not used. “Not set” will be shown
Show customers account number assigned to this level.
After Show click, list of these customer details will be shown
Action to change is Level active.
Option include: Active/Inactive
Special rewards
Show Special Reward data related to Level, available when additional conditions will be met.
If Level has not defined Special Reward then “Not set” will be shown
To learn more about special rewards, see Special rewards section
The operations that can be applied to selected level record.
Options include:
  • edit level data
  • download list of customers (with details) assigned to this level