Actions controls

When working with a collection of records in the grid, you can use the Actions control to apply an operation to the records. The Actions control lists each operation that is available for the specific type of data.

For example, for Customer records, you can use the Actions control to edit basic information of a selected customer, view the customer account form, or to deactivate record without a possibility to activate them again.

Applying an Action to selected record

Actions by Grid

Menu List Actions
  All Customers
  • Edit customer
  • View Customer Account details
  • Deactivate/Activate customer
  • Unlink manually assigned level - optional
  All Levels
  • Edit level
  • Export customers to CSV
Points transfers
  All points transfers
  • View Points transfer details
  • Cancel transfer
  All transactions
  • Edit transaction labels
  • View Transaction details
Earning rules
  All earning rules
  • Edit earning rule
  • View earning rule details
  All POS
  • Edit POS
  All merchants
  • Remove merchant account
  • Edit Merchant
  All segments
  • Delete selected segment
  • Edit segment
  • Export customers to CSV
Reward campaigns
  All reward campaigns
  • View campaign details
  • Edit reward campaign
  • Buy reward campaign for client
Redeemed rewards
  • View customer address details
All campaign categories
  • Edit campaign category