Redeemed rewards

Redeemed rewards tab provides information about rewards (Reward Campaigns) that customer has redeemed, divided into used and delivered.

Redeemed Rewards

All rewards that customer redeemed appear in this tab as “delivered”.

When reward coupon days inactive parameter will pass, an empty checkbox appears, to be marked when customer redeems coupon.

Only when a customer uses the reward/discount code during a purchase, reward is treated as “used”.

On the Redeemed rewards list, Used rewards will have a marked checkbox in the column Use of coupon count, unlike to those Delivered, which will have an empty checkbox.

From the Admin Panel you can mark selected redeemed reward record as Used when customer used their coupon code during purchase, or you sent gift which customer selected from his cockpit etc.


You can mark selected reward/coupon record as used or unused only if its status is Active

When coupon status changed to Expired none of the above operations is possible.

To mark coupon as used:

  1. In the Redeemed reward list, find the reward you want to mark as Used and click checkbox in the Use of coupons count column
Used/Delivered reward

To see the list of all redeemed rewards by customer within Loyalty Program click All Rewards below the tab.

To learn more about rewards, see Redeemed rewards

Field Description
Reward name, that is display to customer
Cost in points
Define how much points customer spent to redeem reward
Reward campaign coupon status
Option include: Active/Inactive/Expired
Active from
Reward campaign start date from which customer can used reward, define during reward campaign creation in Activity section
Active to
Reward campaign end date until which customer can used reward, define during reward campaign creation in Activity section
Purchased at
The date when reward was redeemed
Discount code that was used
Use of coupon count
Define whether customer already used the reward or it’s only delivered and can be used by him