Current level

Current level section provides information about current (assigned to customer) level and rewards if available.

Level Section

Special rewards specify temporary additional discounts that customer assigned to this level can get.

Special Rewards Preview

To change manually the level to which the customer is assigned go to edit mode by clicking Edit icon edit in the block header or click Edit above account summary block, at the top of the page. Then, additional field Assigned manually appears.

To remove manual assignment by Admin, and let customer earn points based on Earning rules click Unlink

You can also simply Unlink manual assignment from All customers list by clicking Unlink icon unlink in the Action column.

Unlink manual assignment

To learn more about levels and special rewards, see Levels

Field Description
Name of the customer level
Condition value
The points/transactions limit value after which customer was assigned to the level
Reward code
Discount code to be used on
Reward value
Percentage discount value
Special rewards
Special discounts available when additional conditions are met
Assigned manually
Field will be displayed only when customer level will be assigned manually
by Admin – during adding or editing account.
To remove manual assignment click Unlink