All customers

The Customers page lists all customers who have registered for an account with your loyalty program, or were added by the administrator (manually or imported from XML file).

Use the standard controls to sort the list, filter and search customer by typing in the field under column header value you want to find, and apply actions to selected customers.

Pagination controls appear if there are more customer records than fit on the page, and are used to move from one page to the next.

All customers

To view customer detail information:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Customers. Then choose All Customers
  2. In the Customers list, find the record to be previewed and click View view icon in the Action column to open the record in view mode
Customer Record Preview

To learn more about Customer Profile Details Page, see Profile details

Field description

Field Description
First name
The first name of the customer
Last name
The last name of the customer
The customer’s phone number in one of acceptable format.
Can be used as a login to Customer Cockpit or search/filter option
The customer’s email address.
Can be used as a login to Customer Cockpit or search/filter option
Customer gender
Birth date
The customer’s date of birth
Created at
The date when customer account was created
(Customer Lifetime Value)
The total amount of customer registered transactions
(Average Value of Orders)
The average amount of customer registered transactions
The total number of registered transactions (orders) from customer registered
within the Loyalty Program
Days from lat order
The number of days since the last registered customer transaction making
Current level
Current level that is assigned to customer account.
To learn more about levels see Levels
The Store the customer belongs to
Assigned manually
Information whether current customer level was assigned manually by Admin or not.
Options include: Yes/No
To learn more about distinction between manually assigned level and system
assignment please see Levels
The operations that can be applied to selected customer record.
Options include:
  • edit customer account
  • view Customer profile details
  • deactivate customer account
  • unlink manually assigned level. Previous system level will be assigned.