Import Customers list

If you have a customer list that you want to add to your Loyalty Program, you can enter it into a customer XML file and then import it in your Open Loyalty Admin.

Customers import

Importing a XML file will create a customer in your Loyalty platform for each email address, phone number and loyalty card number in the file.

Any customers with duplicate email addresses, phone numbers or loyalty card number will be skipped during an import

To import a Customer list from a file:

  1. Tap Customers on the Admin sidebar and choose All Customers
  2. Click Import at the top of the page, next to Add Customer
Customers Import Button
  1. Click Upload in the Import Customers dialog and choose your customer XML file
Customers Import Button
  1. When file is selected, click IMPORT

The customers, whose records you’ve added to the XML file, will appear in the All customers list in your Open Loyalty admin


For all imported customers (on the provided in XML file email addresses) Welcome email with temporary password is sent.

Customers accounts are active instantly, so after email receiving they can simply log in to theirs account using individual e-mail address (from XML file) and temporary password (from the Welcome email)